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Structure KN-POZ-WZ

Construction specifications

System TypeFreestanding
Panel ArrangementHorizontal
Installation Ground-Driven
Tilt Angle15
Warranty10 years

Structure for photovoltaic modules on the ground

A complete system that allows panels to be mounted horizontally. The structure allows the installation of photovoltaic panels. To ensure adequate protection against corrosion, the KN-POZ-WZ ground photovoltaic structure is made of black S320 steel with Magnelis® metallic coating.

Tailor the photovoltaic structure to your needs!

The decision to buy a structure for photovoltaic panels involves a significant financial outlay, and it's worth checking this out before making a final decision on whether it's worth it.

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Angle of inclination : 30

Panel layout : vertical

Angle of inclination : 30

Panel layout : horizontal

Angle of inclination : 30

Panel layout : horizontal

Angle of inclination : 25

Panel layout : horizontal

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