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Ground constructions

Ground-mounted photovoltaic structures

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IVENDO Solar company deals with all the information that investors need. Moreover, our representatives are able to answer any questions regarding design, implementation, modules, and even the installation of PV panels. The efficiency of small power plants depends, among other things, on the latter. An important element affecting this parameter is the orientation of the roof relative to the world. In Poland, it is best to orient the panels to the south. The angle of the roofs and the terrain obstacles that can cause periodic shadows are also important. If photovoltaic panels are partially or completely shaded, their production capacity is weakened. This translates into the finances of the house or company and an extended payback period for the investment. Shading also does not guarantee maximum performance of the installation. Therefore, the mounting of solar panels on sloping roofs should be carefully planned and prepared.

Match a photovoltaic structure to your own needs!

The decision to purchase a structure for photovoltaic panels involves significant financial costs and it is worth checking this before making a final decision on whether it is worthwhile.

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