About company

IVENDO Solar - Producent Konstrukcji Fotowoltaicznych

We are a producer of photovoltaic systems and a distributor of equipment from well-known brands. Over the years, we have designed structures and improved the technology of manufacturing steel and aluminum products.


Our opinion about experience and competences made us one of the leaders in the Polish renewable energy industry. IVENDO Solar is a reliable business partner with extensive experience.


The great challenge of our time is obtaining energy from renewable sources in order to achieve energy independence. We offer intelligent energy production and management systems for maximum energy efficiency and safety.

Why IVENDO Solar?


s a manufacturer operating in the photovoltaic industry, IVENDO Solar offers its customers innovative products that are suitable for all assembly systems. Our customers appreciate not only the high quality of components, but also the simplicity of the structure itself. The solutions used by our company are successfully used for flat, sloping roofs with various sheathing and for above-ground installations.

Service and implementation

Our specialists dealing with technical consultancy will help you solve any issue related to the articles presented by our company and the issues of photovoltaic installations. We treat each investment individually. We select it according to the needs and possibilities of the investor and we make it in the shortest and convenient time possible.

Recognition for the investments made

Our projects have been recognized in investments covered by national and EU programs related to renewable energy sources. The goal of our company is to meet the needs of our customers as best as possible and to promote the idea of ​​environmental protection. Products used in photovoltaic installations are characterized by a unique design and appearance.


Thanks to our many years of experience in the solar industry, we have designed and implemented photovoltaic installations with a capacity of several MW Our company focuses on continuous improvement of its products IVENDO Solar brand It is a guarantee of high quality of all components of photovoltaic systems, its stable and trouble-free operation


Our certificates

Our company is constantly developing, taking care of obtaining the highest quality materials and producing our products with the utmost care.


The TUV Rheinland mark indicates that our factories and products have passed all the necessary approvals confirming quality, safety and durability. The certification of assembly systems includes detailed technical requirements resulting from the provisions of the construction law.


The CE marking is our guarantee that the product has passed all professional tests and meets the basic quality and safety standards envisaged for it. It is a declaration that the PG GROUP meets all the legal requirements of the EN 1090-1: 2009 + A1: 2011 standard for the implementation of steel and aluminum structures.