System KDS-G

Konstrukcje pod panele fotowoltaiczne na dachu

Photovoltaic structure for shingle roofs

L-shaped stainless steel brackets are a popular design solution for photovoltaic installations on roofs covered with roofing felt or shingles. The bracket is screwed directly to the wooden roof structure. They are additionally sealed between the bitumen substrate and the lower surface of the hook. The brackets are designed for the installation of rails in the form of 40×40 mm aluminium profiles. It forms the basis for the installation of photovoltaic modules.

Konstrukcje pod panele fotowoltaiczne na dachu

Optional mounting elements

We offer anodised mounting elements that will work well for mounting panels that have black frames. Anodising of aluminium involves the formation of an oxide layer on the surface of the aluminium to make it harder and more resistant to corrosion.

Mounting rail SMA 40x40x1,5

Black end clamp

Black middle clamp

Black connector

Black cap