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We possess certifications that confirm the reliability and highest quality of our products. In the case of structures for photovoltaic panels, the most important standard is the European EN 1090 standard. We have the authority to issue declarations of performance and mark our products with the CE symbol. Additionally, we have implemented a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, ensuring production at the highest level.

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Panel fotowoltaiczny

Customize your photovoltaic structure to meet your own needs!

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Unique Composition

The decisive factor is the unique composition of Magnelis® coatings (3% Mg and 3.5% Al), which results in a very dense, stable, and durable protective layer. As a result, it provides highly effective anticorrosion protection, even in the most demanding environments.

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Best Anticorrosion Properties

Magnelis® coating provides longer protection against corrosion compared to standard galvanized products, and it also has superior properties compared to other coatings with lower magnesium content. Magnelis® provides excellent corrosion resistance, even in harsh environments.

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Efficiency in All Conditions

Magnelis® provides three times better protection against corrosion than galvanized steel in all environments, and its protective effectiveness increases even more in highly aggressive environments. All studies have confirmed that Magnelis® provides optimal long-term protection against corrosion.

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Through a unique combination of engineering, construction and design disciplines and expertise.

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